Poplar tree

-What do you think of her?

-She is like a poplar tree, you could climb her, i had a poplar tree in my backgarden as a kid.

– Did you climb it?

-No i never did, but my paper dragon stucked in its crown, and it would have been there until this day if the tree wouldnt have  fall down.



Japans nuclear power plants.

The info is gathered from Wikipedia, Swedish, Hungarian and  English websites. Pictures are pulled from the web.

Japan has 17 nuclear power plants with 55 active  reactors. Ten companies own 52 of the reactors within  the Federation of Electric Power Companies of Japan (FEPC) The other 3 reactor are private. Two reactors are being build and there are plans to build another 11 reactors.

So what has happened until know and what is the history behind the damaged power plants?

Altogether 11 reactors have stopped working after the earthquake, from these 3 nuclear power plants was having problems with the backup cooling system.

Fukushima power plants is situated 250 km away from Tokyo, it consists of two power plants, Fukushima 1 and Fukushima 2.

Fukushima 1 has 6 reactors, built between 1971 and 1979. Reactor 4 and 6 where shut down during the earthquake due to maintainance. Fukushima 2 is around ten km from Fukushima 1, it has 4 reactors and was built between 1982 and 1987.

Fukushimas  reactor 1 and 3 most likely experienced partial meltdown.  On Saturday, a huge explosion blew apart the building housing reactor 1, where technicians had been venting steam to cool the reactor. Sea water was injected into the other reactor in an attempt to cool it.

Update (March 14):  Fukushima 1 reactor 3 also exploded due to Hydrogen gas formation this monday morning, Japan claim, little risk of radioactivity, ( I cant help but wonder if this is the entire truth) reactor 2 is reported having problems with the cooling, for me it looks like they have gotten their own Tjernobyl by now.

Update (march 15)

A third explosion took place in Fukusima 1, this time it was reactor 2, officials says there might be a risk for massive leakage, the blast may have damaged the vessel that holds reactor 2.

The radiation reading at 0831 local time (2331 GMT) climbed to 8,217 microsieverts an hour from 1,941 about 40 minutes earlier, Tepco said. The annual legal limit is 1,000 microsieverts. These values are a risk for human health.

Japan’s PM says there is a ‘very high’ risk of further radiation leaks

A fire which briefly broke out at the plant’s reactor 4 on Tuesday is also believed to have led to radioactive leaks.

Higher radiation levels were recorded on Tuesday south of Fukushima, Kyodo news agency reported.

Levels in Tokyo were higher than normal, but officials said there were no harmful levels. According to NHK world TV stream they say they can find small amounts of both Cesium and iodine particles in Tokyo.

There is also talk about Fukushima 1 and 2  stores used up radioactive material under the plants.

Picture: Fukushima reactor 1.

Picture: Fukushima before the accident.

Tokai was Japan’s first nuclear power plant. It was built in the early 1960s and generated power from 1966 until it was decommissioned in 1998. A second nuclear plant, was built at the site in the 1970s.

Unit 1 was thought  be the first nuclear reactor to be decommissioned in Japan, the reactor stopped working in 1998 and was planned to be completely removed this year.

The number 2 reactor was one of eleven nuclear reactors to be shut down automatically. It was reported on 14 March that a cooling system pump for the number 2 reactor had stopped working. Japan Atomic Power Company stated that there was a second operational pump and cooling was working, but that two of three diesel generators used to power the cooling system were out of order.


Picture: Tokai

Excessive radiation levels were recorded in Onagawa, although the shutdown was functioning properly. They believe the high measurements are findings from Fukushima power plant.

The Onagawa Nuclear Power Plant was the most quickly constructed nuclear power plant in the world. The Onagawa-3 unit was the most modern reactor in all of Japan at the time of its construction.  The plant conforms fully to  a set of international environmental management standards. All the reactors were constructed by Toshiba.

Onagawa has three units.  Since November 11, 2006 unit 1 has been shut down due to the result of a test.  Unit 2 also had problems.  In may 2006 it was confirmed that a pipe was leaking due to debris damage. In june 7, 2006 it had difficulties with pressure control prompted further inspections and in july 7, 2006 it was determined that  the plant’s performance was not satisfactory.

Reactor nr 3 in Onagawa was in July 7, 2006 due to pipe integrity concerns shut down, in November 25, 2006  following repairs the reactor was restarted. March 11, 2011 due to the earthquake damaged the turbines after a fire broke out and was shut down.

Picture of Onagawa.

Update on Japan

The past days have been largely a chaos of same,  reactor 1,2 or 3 or 4  is either burning or leaking, the radiation levels are undulating, things are far away from solved.

Latest is that they managed to get electricity to the power plant, hopefully, this might solve a huge problem. To what extent the failsafe containment vessels has been damaged is something no one can answer, and what consequences can happen?

This is taken from CNN.

When the earthquake struck and the Fukushima Daiichi reactors shut down, the water pumps lost power. Emergency diesel generators began to power the pumps. However, the tsunami that soon followed damaged the diesel generators. The pumps then operated on emergency battery power, which lasted for 8 hours before being exhausted.

Reactor No. 4 is one of the three reactors shut down for inspection when the earthquake and tsunami hit. However, nuclear fuel was still present in the building in the storage pond.

These fuel rods are not within the concrete and steel containment system that houses the reactor vessel. CNN contributors warn that a fire in the spent fuel storage pond could spread radioactive material directly into the surrounding environment.

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) developed the International Nuclear and Radiological Event Scale to identify the severity of incidents involving nuclear energy.

Chernobyl was a level 7 accident, the highest level, denoting a “major accident.”

Three Mile Island was classified a category 5, which is an “accident with wider consequences.”

The IAEA is not yet rating the incident in Japan on the INES scale.


Latest update: 12 April, Fukushima is classified as a 7.  It took the authorities some while to come forward with it. Even though its a 7, it differs in severity from Tjernobyl as for now,


Waiting so


Dog School

I have a German shephard, i inherited it from my sister. It is important to know as i never wanted a dog, she insisted on having one, i was very against the whole thing, for us having a dog, so much responsibility and not to talk about a German vicious shephard specifically, the only memory i had from the those beasts where when i wanted to save my mini poodle ( dumped on me from a person on the street actually) and got bitten in my arm  by a German.  I wasn’t amused by the thought at all.  Ironically, my sis moved abroad and left the dog here with me and it has been mine for 9 years, ironically owner of a German that i was so against…

Fast forward and my decision to,, well, the whole idea with us going to dog school was because as i started to work  i am not so much around home as i used to be,  i thought that signing up for weekends lessions would be a good idea to compensate for the time the dog spent alone in weekdays.

Its a remarkable dog school, im not sure how they look in the west, but the amount of pittbulls and “scary” dogs are abundant there.

The first day i got there and opened the office door and looked in, there was 4 heavily built men in clothes fit for war, and they all sat with pitt bulls next to them, i hardly dared to climb in, the owner of the dogschool is a interesting person, a bit of a womenizer, his name can be translated as wool, because he has blond very thick hair. Its a quite attractive man in a very strange way. He is tall and around45, he looks like he lived a harsh life, he is well built,  his face has deep furrows, but he always smile.

He loves german shephards, but he can occasionally cuddlewith a little Chi ua ua as well.

So on my first day  in training,( it is not really what the dog is able to do, but more what the owner can) i was  surprised that it went well for us, the teacher, an older women told me occasionally that i should use stronger emotions voice as the dog has no clue what i want from her.  I do believe in mutual companion ship even with these kind of dogs, it kind of worked out until now, although she can be embarrassing, its not her fault.

The third time i went there, and the teacher had enough of my mimicry of feelings she went up to me and told, i am very sorry to be so personal and i don’t want to offend you, perhaps you are just a bit shy as you are new here, but your face and voice don’t say a thing, are you like this when a man says he loves you as well?  React with passion, show your feelings they will not understand otherwise. She continued of the same, you know, when a man says he loves you,  say it back as you mean it, not just nod you know, this is how you should be with the dog, show feelings!!!

I dont think she understood what kind of rewind button she pushed in me, but i could hear my mom’s echoing voice in my head, i cant read your face, do you mean yes or no? What do you mean? Look like you mean it! Then i fast forwarded to my boyfriends and certain moments, mom loved to tell them how cold i was emotionally and they always laughed and nodded in agreement to her that i was always so perplexed about, what on earth are they fantasizing up? I am probably the most loving and affectionate girl there is i thought, yes i thought that, apparently, what one is thinking and what one is showing is two different things, and i bit my lip hard when the dog trainer uttered these sentences for me, because believe me, i sure suffered more from this then my loved ones.

For those who might be..