Marcus Goldson in Budapest


9 responses to “Marcus Goldson in Budapest

  1. I like Venus emerging from the WC the best…

  2. i like this man artist
    he has great style

  3. There is such important background info about the toilets in bars in Budapest, i dont know where to start.
    The one thing you have to know, it would cost you some pennies to go the toilet, there is a hungarian big mama sitting in the entrance, in exchange you would have a whole makeup set and wardrobe ready by her if you would need it, i used some hairspray and hair needles once,,
    We have an especially famous toilet lady, she was even on German televesion 😀

  4. i told of cute puppies fearing magyar womans

    lol, I looked up sursotnmmyng fish and was totally repulsed. YOU win a medal.

  5. at grammys, i saw skanky armcandy
    sit with russian mafia boss name Yurgi
    and thought of you and
    neglectful blogsite

  6. Well FP, get used to it, you alwawys think of me, even if you see a hot dog.

  7. do not hate b/c i am the gay
    i always know you
    pack secret

  8. while in Sgcsz on business to buy new steamboiler, man tell me of famous hungarian cupcake running bawdy house in Sloveneia for entertaining of Niggerian embassy and Policija Arrest. i hope your cuddly brown babies will not suffer while your away

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