Lost and found


Ive been away, i have had a lots on my mind, but i missed you all, is there something i missed? Any gossip?




14 responses to “Lost and found

  1. You’ve been away-?? Yes you have. Not sure about gossip, but there have been a bunch of interesting blog posts here and there. (Maybe some gossip too.) Glad to see you back in this coner of the blogosphere-!

  2. yes, i am trying to ketchup right now 😛

  3. so mustard your strength, with relish! 🙂

  4. You should write about what you’ve been doing these past few months. Pics, travel, etc. Time to bring this blog back to life-!

  5. I would love too, hmm so much, how to be able too,, firstly, i bought a flat 🙂 I can look at the house plan for hours dreaming of tearing down every wall 🙂

  6. hey! welcome back!

  7. only gossip i make is on business trip to MagyarorszĂĄg i go to SzigetszentmiklĂłs and meet Miss Beet Tractor 2009 and she seduce me on 20 tons of socialism. i was scared

  8. ahe wow, are u still around, i could show you some worn down hospitals or subway stations

  9. this not enough seduction
    to get american citizenship
    that requires cookery of blood soups,
    dry black breads and sincere bedwarmings

  10. God forbit i move to the states, with my Swedish citizenship.

  11. you are right
    Land of Hockey and
    Lutefisk much more for you

  12. i like MY fish fresh
    Still, you be big star in America

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