City above the sea


19 responses to “City above the sea

  1. did you get many drinks bought for you poolside? you are supposed to lay about in your bikinis, the smallest ones you know

  2. Well all i managed this year was that i asked i guy if he had a bottle opener as i bought a beer in the store, and a very happy older guy that had a glass to many, overheard my dilemma and took command, it resulted in that ten guys tried to open my beer for 15 minutes,, the older guy started to bleed, but eventually they managed, i payed the beer myself in the store, it was blood all over the bottle when they finished, end result, the beer was less cold after 15 min but perfect.

  3. Actually i forgot my bikini at home and was to lazy to buy a new one, so i had some shorts and i bought a top for swimming, it looked terrible,,, aftermath,,, i should have bought a bikini.

  4. I LOVE the way
    you hungarians
    drink your beer

  5. hehe, have you heard yet of the newest anti aging therapy? Its called dracula treatment,, i bet the transylvanians invented it…

  6. you are a scandalous girl.
    i know full well you are a bathory baby.
    so what would you do
    if I were

  7. Prince harry seems to rule the dance floor, he loves croatia too!! I think next summer, we (you and the girls fp, maurice, my dog etc) should all meet up there, and have a nice holiday, eating oisters and drink wine in rovinj 🙂
    the girl, i need to make clear my face is prettier then hers, but her body is better then mine, i dont have so much curves in the right places, but her face is a bit dull..

  8. I’m sure your face is more interesting, could we have another picture so I can confirm this, I can’t fully remember what you look like.

    Firepower left a comment about Hungarian women over at my blog which I think might have been meant for you.

    I’m not sure if that lad knows whether he’s coming or going, most of the time.

  9. where would you take me,what sites would you show me. i think daedie is in luv with you. i do not do the lesbian thing

  10. I will upoad some pic, sorry for being away so much, but i have so many boring adult problems, paying bills, fix house, new renters etc,, quarreling for my citizenship, phew, i didnt expect this,,
    FP is so nice? to mention me all the time,, im sure you wouldnt mind 2 women next to yours, or maybe you prefer an animal in bed 🙂

  11. so long as one
    does the dishes after
    i am happy

  12. Dracul is fine with that?

  13. What a sweet idea- all the regular (nice) commenters all assembled. You might have added Default User, DF, and others to that group. Thanks for the invite though. You being the slivovitz, we’ll take care of everything else-!

  14. today, i had hungaryan gwoumpki.
    and i thought of you and was sad
    for i know you dont know
    how to make them

  15. Biccy,

    Are you in hiding?!

  16. Well, hrm, i was beyond tired until i hit the passive state. Not sure if im out of it yet.

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