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  1. I like this! Did you do it? The puppy looks very sweet.

  2. Yes i did, im glad you like it 🙂 the dogs backfeet are not made yet, but i think i might leave it as it is.

  3. So is this supposed to be you, taming a wolf?

  4. Its supposed to be me and my German Shephard, in very bad times, one realize, people cant do much for you.

  5. True, dogs are man’s (girl’s ?) best friend.

    They’re good to tell secrets to, right?

  6. I like this. The dog is looking at the girl with total devotion. The girl, I think, is explaining something to the dog.

  7. The dog is good to tell secrets for.
    Im trying to explain to her that she is precious to me and even though all the obstacles she casues i will never let her go.

  8. and even though all the obstacles she casues i will never let her go.

    I feel the same way about my dog! He’s a lot of work but worth it .

    Sometimes I look at him and think how much I wish he could talk, or at least that we could communicate better. But he’s a great listener! 🙂

  9. 🙂 I never thought of that, how cool would that be, i think if my dog could talk or was person she would occasionally be a hysterical pushy drama queen still having a high sence of morals:))
    somehow, my dog gets it, she is very loyal and lovable, its even stressful to feel how badly we are entangled in each other, especially her, sometimes i have nightmares about what if she got lost, would people understand her as i do?

  10. I suspect my dog is using my conscience for her benefit,,, she is clever..

  11. C S Lewis wrote an interesting piece in which he tries to get inside the head of an animal, in this case a tame bear:

    “Mr Bultitude’s mind was as furry and unhuman in shape as his body. He did not remember, as a man in his situation would have remembered, the provincial zoo from which he had escaped during a fire, nor his first snarling and terrified arrival at the Manor, nor the slow stages whereby he had learned to love and trust its inhabitants. He did not know that he loved and trusted them now. He did not know that they were people, nor that he was a bear…everything that is represented by the words I and Me and Thou was absent from his mind. When Mrs Maggs gave him a tin of golden syrup, as she did every Sunday morning, he did not recognize either a giver or a recipient. Goodness occurred and he tasted it. And that was all. Hence his loves might, if you wished, all be described as cupboard loves: food and warmth, hands that caressed, voices tha reassured, were their objects. But if by a cupboard love you meant something cold or calculating you would be quite misunderstanding the real quality of the beast’s sensations. He was no more like a human egoist than he was like a human altruist. There was no prose in his life. The appetencies which a human mind might disdain as cupboard loves were for him quivering and ecstatic aspirations which absorbed his whole being, infinite yearnings, stabbed with the threat of tragedy and shot through with the colours of Paradise. One of our race, if plunged back for a moment in the warm, trembling, iridescent pool of that pre-Adamite consciousness, would have emerged believing that he had grasped the Absolute…Sometimes there returns to us from infancy the memory of a nameless delight or terror, attached to any dlightful or dreadful thing, a potent adjective floating in a nounless void, a pure quality. At such moments we have experience of the shallows of that pool. But fathoms deeper than any memory can take us, right down in the central warmth and dimness, the bear lived all its life.”

  12. 🙂
    A famous hungarian etologist once told, A dog really imagine itself to be a person, most likely they feel like being a kid.

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