Poplar tree

-What do you think of her?

-She is like a poplar tree, you could climb her, i had a poplar tree in my backgarden as a kid.

– Did you climb it?

-No i never did, but my paper dragon stucked in its crown, and it would have been there until this day if the tree wouldnt have  fall down.


15 responses to “Poplar tree

  1. Was there supposed to be a photo/image here?

  2. Well it was but i couldn’t find the right picture for it..

  3. Oops, my comment had 2 links and went to Moderation??

  4. heheheh, the last one is fantastic 🙂

  5. when i was a little boy maybe 4 , when i used to have to stay at my nanny’s house her yard had a honeysuckle tree(no smutty jokes please) i used to talk to when i was lonely for home. alas you would not understand such things

  6. @FP,
    As a boy of 5 I loved to climb trees, my favorite was a pussy willow – I still have fond memories of that pussy 😉

  7. Oh dear, this thread is going in a unforseen direction, its really hard to keep this place tidy occasionally

  8. *sigh* I indeed pleaded for decorum, only to be foiled.

    no offense TG, theres no need for innuendo with bic, she just doesnt get it because of her English. now, tell her a lewd Roumanii joke, and shes like putty

  9. see, “putty” not understood.
    I will replace with “purring kitten”
    What do you call gypsy
    with no arms and legs
    on front porch?

  10. ugh i fear this site is as dead
    as huhngarian independence


  11. I have a presentation tomorrow

  12. ok, just KEEP it R rated then
    so we wont feel weird
    about coming here

  13. It was anything else but mainstream, people loved it, i can t put it on my blog sorry, xx

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