20 responses to “Spring

  1. ah, the true beauty of hungary as dawn rises over Szceszny at glorious National Bauxite Rivet Workers Compound & Collective.

  2. Weren’t you to divorce me?

  3. well, your art inspires me. And you are wealthy heiress of Budapest Alumina King.

  4. The glory of bauxit mines, we dont have any ocean, but dang do we have a lot of old water filled mines where u can swim, if you’re lucky, there will be no sharks in it.

  5. you are funny; I am always lucky.
    but i have morals so i will not skinny dip with you
    that, and i am shy

  6. Shy? Is there something i should know about you?

  7. oh boy will I RUIN your reputation when i vackay on Danube.

    to know? I am a simple old man with mancrush on Jo-Bro

  8. Well, then we are partly having same taste, who of us would win in a Jo-Bro competition.

  9. well, according to the daedie, your pic would do the trick until age 30, then my wit, intellect and humour would win the day.

  10. Wit, ok, intellect, maybe but are you sure about the last one?
    Josh is not getting younger either.

  11. i am sure always.
    but You tell none of your jo-bro winning tricks
    *sigh* if you have none, that is ok

  12. Well, i would take him down to the stable, get 2 horses, ride to a water pit, go to the local and bar and buy ice cold beer for him, and then i would dress off and go swim in front of him, and if that is not enough for Josh, ah well, im leaving him just there and you can have him.

  13. I must give credit, you have perfected best way to check out bod and 6packs.
    i wanted to tell u something about your dogtraining post but i must go now but will return tonight

  14. Well, i have my tricks.
    Oki, i might not be online for so much longer either, its getting late, but i will be tomorrow.
    Paka paka

  15. What pic is everyone going on about? I wanna see!!!

  16. @ merci merci ! (i remove it know)

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