Dog School

I have a German shephard, i inherited it from my sister. It is important to know as i never wanted a dog, she insisted on having one, i was very against the whole thing, for us having a dog, so much responsibility and not to talk about a German vicious shephard specifically, the only memory i had from the those beasts where when i wanted to save my mini poodle ( dumped on me from a person on the street actually) and got bitten in my arm  by a German.  I wasn’t amused by the thought at all.  Ironically, my sis moved abroad and left the dog here with me and it has been mine for 9 years, ironically owner of a German that i was so against…

Fast forward and my decision to,, well, the whole idea with us going to dog school was because as i started to work  i am not so much around home as i used to be,  i thought that signing up for weekends lessions would be a good idea to compensate for the time the dog spent alone in weekdays.

Its a remarkable dog school, im not sure how they look in the west, but the amount of pittbulls and “scary” dogs are abundant there.

The first day i got there and opened the office door and looked in, there was 4 heavily built men in clothes fit for war, and they all sat with pitt bulls next to them, i hardly dared to climb in, the owner of the dogschool is a interesting person, a bit of a womenizer, his name can be translated as wool, because he has blond very thick hair. Its a quite attractive man in a very strange way. He is tall and around45, he looks like he lived a harsh life, he is well built,  his face has deep furrows, but he always smile.

He loves german shephards, but he can occasionally cuddlewith a little Chi ua ua as well.

So on my first day  in training,( it is not really what the dog is able to do, but more what the owner can) i was  surprised that it went well for us, the teacher, an older women told me occasionally that i should use stronger emotions voice as the dog has no clue what i want from her.  I do believe in mutual companion ship even with these kind of dogs, it kind of worked out until now, although she can be embarrassing, its not her fault.

The third time i went there, and the teacher had enough of my mimicry of feelings she went up to me and told, i am very sorry to be so personal and i don’t want to offend you, perhaps you are just a bit shy as you are new here, but your face and voice don’t say a thing, are you like this when a man says he loves you as well?  React with passion, show your feelings they will not understand otherwise. She continued of the same, you know, when a man says he loves you,  say it back as you mean it, not just nod you know, this is how you should be with the dog, show feelings!!!

I dont think she understood what kind of rewind button she pushed in me, but i could hear my mom’s echoing voice in my head, i cant read your face, do you mean yes or no? What do you mean? Look like you mean it! Then i fast forwarded to my boyfriends and certain moments, mom loved to tell them how cold i was emotionally and they always laughed and nodded in agreement to her that i was always so perplexed about, what on earth are they fantasizing up? I am probably the most loving and affectionate girl there is i thought, yes i thought that, apparently, what one is thinking and what one is showing is two different things, and i bit my lip hard when the dog trainer uttered these sentences for me, because believe me, i sure suffered more from this then my loved ones.


13 responses to “Dog School

  1. Bic, do you know what your Myers-Briggs personality type is? I would think that a person who has deep emotions but is perceived by others as “cold” might well be an Introverted-Feeling type.

    Speaking of dogs, here are some excerpts from a dog’s diary and a cat’s diary.

  2. Hey David 🙂
    I will check out the Personality test, is it good?
    LOL for the diary, very accurate hehe. I had a cat that moved to my neighbour and hated me for the rest of her life.

  3. this is sweet – how you love the doggies, the Chin-chillu and all animal. Your mom sounds exciting.

  4. I think Myers-Briggs, which is loosely based on Jungian psychology, can offer some useful insights, though like all psychological theories it should be taken with several boxcar loads of salt.

    Although there is much talk about “diversity,” people tend not to think about one of the most important types of diversity: how very different reality can appear to people with different personality types…frameworks like M-B can help improve this understanding.

  5. @FP, My mom can be embaressing.
    @ David: I didn’t have time but i will check it tonight, i remember over at SD some people already talked about it.

  6. I got ENFJ
    Which is interesting as i see myself as extravert, i am very talky and sociable, but i do have a problem to express emotions when i should. I do not ask favours easily.

  7. you MUSTN’T hate you mom so
    you will grow up to look like her
    maybe sound like her

    you promised Clunky Soviet Era Iconic Statuary Photos – wo bist du?

  8. Hey FP
    I am working on it, i prefer social realism and how they sculptured women, infact my thesis was about the ideal nose and how the trends changed through history. Actually Roissy and feministex published pictures (from the web) i even used in my thesis.

  9. if i dont see them soon
    i must surely take my leave

  10. just put something
    in my mailbox

  11. NO wonder your chincilla died of neglect,
    as you traipse about with your new doggies
    trained by surly unemployed SPETSNAZ

    I am removink you from my bookmarks as you are unworthy goodbye

  12. The chinchi is fine,
    Why are you having a hissy fit? Calm down.

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