I will travel towards the great north, and to a dark fjord, trying to catch some northern light.  Everyone have a wonderful  weekend.


9 responses to “Travel

  1. Dark fjord? Great north?

    This sounds a lot like Lord of the Rings.

  2. It was so cold, im happy to be back to Budaland. Because of the massive snowstorm that involved Denmark, Sweden,UK and Germany, i didnt go out in the nature even though i wanted to.

  3. all this glamorous travel – you must have lots of money

  4. I just won a hamster lottery 🙂

  5. now i really must have you

  6. you just want my money, me a rich EE girl, better hurry, i am spending it in insane speed+

  7. dummy – i just want your hamsters

  8. How i could have misunderstood your motivs,.

  9. “rich ee girl”
    whats that?
    in usa thats slang for something trampy

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