Functional statues.


7 responses to “Functional statues.

  1. Firepowersdaedalus

    these statues
    most glorious celebration of Union Soviet

    ps you didnt have to take down the kiwi – it was sort of cute. your such a sensitive girl

  2. Firepowersdaedalus

    alack, i have been
    the romance
    is over

  3. You havent been modded intentionally, you cant expect to write Soviet Union freely without being modded you know…
    I took down the little kiwi as i didnt want it to publish it in the first place, i thought i made it private but my sausage fingers made it differently, i really like that vid, but a bit to sad here,,, maybe i consider reopen it if it gets high missing rate..

  4. why do former occupied countries not tear down these statues of soviet ww2 occupation, oppression and slavery? if i were King of Hungary, i’d turn these into gravel roads

  5. Well, apart from one or 2 statues, that are very beutiful,, i think we teared all down,,,
    here is one that withstood the revolution, her name is Citadella

  6. ok, that one is kind of cool – what does it commemorate?

    Some of the ones in Germany are repulsive – like Seelow Heights

  7. I will show you some cool ones!

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