Insane day

So, sometimes insane things happens to me, my past weeks has been horrible, so today, when the Dr called me and told he found sth on my chest x-ray, i got seriously scared, i went there and the first things he asks is if i have ever operated my left lung , and i actually have,  so i told yes. I had a nice 5 week trip to the pullmonology for a pneumothorax about ten years ago.  The dr continued and told that there was a metal clip in my lung, and it was on the exact same region as where they performed the surgery.

I was stunned that i have been going around with a metal screw inside me for all these years, but as so many things are going on right know, i felt like this was almost a triviality compared to all my other obstacles.  I was thinking about it during the day,  and when i got home i took out an old x-ray of me, and i couldnt see anything extraordinary on it, i was sitting perplexed, and finally dr House had a revelation, the day i was taking the x-ray, i had braided hair and the hairband had a metal piece which happen to place itself exact over the area of my lung that i had operated.  Coincidences like this happens only to certain people.


14 responses to “Insane day

  1. Seems like whoever was taking the xray should have noticed that there was a metal object that would be interfering with the image…

  2. I didn’t meet any dr the day i had an chest x-ray, i went into a dark empty room after giving the paper to the admin that i got from a GP the day before . A nurse stood behind a wall taking the x-rays, so she didnt see me clearly.

  3. this is terrible. are you often sick?

  4. I am always sick. I catch the flu 25 times a year, and i always have something that needs to be operated, always on my left side, thankfully it is always benign in the long run, but in the moment extremely traumatic and painful.

  5. Victoria,

    You had a pneumo too? What from?

    I had punctured my lung playing hockey a while back in my early 20’s. It hurt but it took until the next day to really figure out that something was really wrong. Oddly 2 weeks later a good friend of mine got one from an explosive decompression accident while training to become a fighter pilot. We both had lots of fun chest tube stories to tell.

  6. 🙂
    Explosions and Hockey! Unfortunately i dont have such a dramatic background for mine, but the hospital stay turned out be more so. It was a spontaneous PTX, remember lifting a metal wire in school and turning around. It also took me 2 days before the dr realized i had a PTX. So after 2 weeks of being chained to the bed by a drain, they took me to another hospital to perform the thoracotomy, after that i went back to the other hospital and stayed there for another 2 weeks.
    Mostly they dont need to preform surgery on it, but i had bullae on the apex of my lung. Did you have surgery on it or where you just drained? Doesnt it hurts like crazy when the lung is expanded and meets the pleura again!!? Yikes.

  7. V,

    They put a pad of some sort of filler under the rib and I needed a tube so I guess you could call that surgery but my friend had a lot more problems. They let me out of the hospital that night with the tube.

    Actually this was how I got so attached to my wife. We had just started our relationship when this had happened and I was in a lot of pain and she took care of me. I had never kept up a relationship for more than 3 weeks before then. I’d probably be like Roissy otherwise.

  8. 🙂
    It is a bit of a life changer to have a PTX. Sometimes one need an extra little push from an unexpected direction to make up ones mind.
    Your friend, which is a pilot, needs to remove his pleuras, or glue them together, as pneumthorax prone people don’t cope well with fast changing pressures.
    For me, after this incident i thought my lifestyle was superficial and empty, i had briefly visited another world, where people lived another reality, i changed university.

  9. i will bet you anything you are vitamin D deficient if you are down with colds/flu so often. If you live in a non-tropical climate you are probably not getting enough.

    you should take around 5,000 IUs a day.

    That is crazy about your x-ray, but that is better than having the metal IN your lung.

  10. I am browner in skin then the average Hungarian due to my Serbian genes, the weather here is gloomy wintertime, not to talk about that lived in Sweden, so the theory could be true in my case, i will take actions 🙂

  11. Yes please do! BTW you are so beautiful! Such a sweet face. And u def look Slav.

  12. Ahhw thank you, after these weeks and the pyrrhic victory over the admin i have a desperate and paranoid look in my eyes lol.
    Anyway, i already started this Vit D diet with some nice salmon 🙂

  13. Be happy you never got an MRI.

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