Kako šte?


19 responses to “Kako šte?

  1. Здравствулте Виктория,
    I saw this video series on YouTube recently and thought you might enjoy this link, it’s an HD series of a tour taken in May 2009 through Припять… There are a few of these up there and this was pretty good.

  2. Спасибо AXN. Very good video! I searched Youtube a few times but didnt find anything back then, i will spend tonight on this.

  3. i want you to explore Siouxsie & The Banshees

  4. Hey fire, whats up with SD, did i (we) get banned?

  5. she is insanely jealous of us,
    [being a sensitive, high strung girl]
    not at all like you, my little paprikash

  6. You did not get banned. I am sorting out some privacy issues and have had to go private & move all the posts to trash for the time being.

    When I get rid of the google caches, I will add you guys in as permitted users even if I have to keep it private temporarily.

  7. yes, even you, Firepower my child.

  8. Hey SD
    I came home after a long day, supertired, was looking forward to read Your blog and… private!
    Annoying you have to go through such a hustle for fixing the caches, i am looking forward to get back to reading your blog, Its one of the highlights of logging on the net.

  9. you both must be cute
    one cant figure out web publishing
    the other can’t find the Siouxsiebanshees
    so i’m dumping you both

  10. Again?

  11. bictoria – where are those pics as promosed of you in gogo boots and dracula cape. i not wait forever

  12. Sorry fire, it ran out in the sand, SD and me couldnt make it for our common halloween shoots, maybe next year.

  13. the way you mangle English
    is so fucking adorable
    – seek Siouxsie

  14. I always see the mistakes when i already posted, i think i may have an 80% regret after hitting the submit button.
    Anyway, the Siouxsie,, i will look into it, somehow sex pistols and a punk girl comes to my mind.

  15. meh, 90% of SDaedie readers have regrets about posting, so you’re ahead of her.

    im interested int the kind of Siouxsie Sue you discover. What with your tastes, im amazed you havent ever heard of her – or the band

  16. I am a big fan of Suede, sooo, it came out pretty convenient here. Is this a Lou reed song?

  17. yes it is lou reed’s song. i like your taste: suede is cool – i have metal mickey on my ipod. now i’m going to play Crucify Me by Moev.

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