Alexandrie, Alexandra


11 responses to “Alexandrie, Alexandra

  1. i shouldnt comment – you are rude
    but you have such adorable funky videos.
    makes me wonder what you are like in private

  2. Hey,
    Isnt it a bit rude to call me rude?
    Im doing my best here,,
    Anyway, im glad you like the vid, i liked the one you sent to as well.
    PS, in real life, im quite the same as my persona as the the internet, just less passive agressive and perhaps a bit more adhd.
    and if i may be rude, how is the snappy commenter firepower in real life like?

  3. irl, just a simple, humble man. well perhaps a bit more mischevious. I am a brute, alas. Which dancer are you most like

  4. Mischievous, brute irl hehe, doesnt remind me of firepower at all!
    Hahaha, i usually compare myself to a fridge when dancing in pair, imagine you move a fridge around, that is how it is for man to try to lead me. Im clumpsy, sorry. A bit like the girls in this vid i suposse, i have a french best friend and she usually tries to teach me some cool moves. I would love to be one of these cadettes… Possibly the one in green :))
    Which one is your fav?
    Im trying to imagine how you would dance, but only some marching comes comes to my mind, you dont give me the impression of a dancer type.

  5. no more mr nice guy

    Since you seems to like old French songs, do you know Niagara ? They were very popular in 1990 :

  6. Hey no more Mr nice guy.
    No i havent heard of Niagara, my french friend and me have a fetish for oldies, and she shows me quite a lot of french, we didn’t reach the 90’s yet hehe.,
    thank you for the link, it is exactly like a more modern version of that Sylvie Vartan song i put up! You know that one?

  7. no more mr nice guy

    Not exactly. The song is about the political events of 1989-1990. The fall of the Berlin wall, the Romanian revolution, and things like that.

    Here is an English Translation (by Google):
    I saw
    by Niagara

    I saw Berlin, Bucharest and Beijing as if I was there.
    Morning and evening the nose into the TV, even more so.
    I was all the fighting, glued to the screen.
    Both in Soweto, China and Lebanon.
    Throwing rocks at the edge of Gaza, I do not regret it.
    Religious, on behalf of their faith, have launched me a fatwa.

    I have seen war, victory was at the end of their rifles.
    I saw blood on my skin, I saw the fury and cries
    And I prayed, I prayed all those who sacrificed.
    I saw death splurge and pick up those left …
    And I saw …

    Let a hundred thousand flowers open forever, and I have already given.
    The red flags have ceased to float, I burned them.
    his morning a man threw himself under a train.
    Abandoned as a dog, misery and hunger.
    The worst is feared for the future:
    It does not bother me
    Hanging from my window blue,
    I sought the truth.

    I know a lot of old French songs. Ever heard of Michel Sardou and Joe Dassin ?

    • I know about Sardou, i checked them out and this is similar to the sort of songs i like to listen to when i am happy and a bit in a dancing and singing mode.

      I dont speak french so Niagara slipped by my radar, that song is not in syncron with its appearance and its content.
      There is a hungarian one about the fall of communism from the 90’s, the band goes under the fancy name bikini, but its one of my favourite songs.


      On the near places, hills and mountains,
      In the empty stone mine holes,
      On the near places, hills and mountains,
      My stride is resonancing.
      The time is here on my shoulders (exact word in original is „on my neck“)
      The path is disappearing from under my feet,
      Even if I don´t want to, I am walking,
      If no one is guiding me on my way,
      My face is washed by the rain and dryed by the wind,
      The man is always expecting something better,
      I am from dust and I turn to dust,
      I am affraid of losing myself in the fog

  8. no more mr nice guy

    I think that lyrics are more important in non-English songs than in English songs. In English songs, lyrics are often meaningless.

    For other French singers, check out Dalida, she made great love songs.

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