The dam was already damaged?

More and more news comes up about this, i will not run into any assumptions yet, but it does make my thoughts go to the greedy corrupt politicians that are polluting this country with their presence. The previous government did such a damage to this country as not even 40 years of communism could. I have a slim hope that the new one will be better. I want to hope.

The owners of the Aluminium factory are of course highly entangled in politics, both sides, but mostly the socialists.

The socialist are nothing else then old communists, we threw them out the door but they climbed back in through the window, same people, new clothes.


2 responses to “The dam was already damaged?

  1. Benjamin Franklin observed that there are two very strong human drives: the desire for money and the desire for power, and that it is very dangerous for them to be connected in such a manner that the only way you can get one of them is to get the other. The more closely politics and business are linked, the more we will be in the situation that Franklin feared. Under pure communism, of course, they are *totally* connected to the point of being identical.

  2. True that, greedy greedy wolfs they are. They are so high up in the hierarchy that common people cannot reach them.

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