Toxic sludge disaster in Hungary

A red toxic sludge hit several villages here in Hungary,  the sludge had the  ph 12.3  it is full of heavy metals, it is polluting an extensive area, extending into small rivers, eventually is going to pollute Danube, help is needed.


6 responses to “Toxic sludge disaster in Hungary

  1. Some thoughts from the former Hungarian ambassador the the US and NATO:

    …he seems to feel the response is being managed pretty well. Does that fit what you are seeing?

  2. I think the first line of help, taking care of the wounded was excellent, the days after, not everything was made as it should, the people in the villages didnt get any clear information on what they could expect, the insurance companies told that natural disaster are not included in the house insurance, but the government have asked them to take humane responsibility, Hungary is collecting money for the rebuilding of the villages and clothes and basic supply for them for the next coming days, im sure the government will help these people and i also hope the insurance companies will as well.
    Another problem is to avoid the sludge entering into Danube, i am not sure of how well that is working as it is already reached it and entered, although in small amounts only.
    The major concern right know is, that they are trying to build an extra wall in front of the dam that burst, as they saw a crack in the concrete that wasnt there yesterday, and it is getting 1 cm bigger every hour, so it will probably burst at another place, hopefully not to such an extent as on monday, but it could even be 5 times worse then mondays flood, they have evacuated 3000 people today from the endangered region, on top of those that already have lost their homes. If it would burst in worst case scenario, Danube would be heavily impacted, so i hope we get up that new wall fast.
    I think the disaster recovery team has been working excellent. What happened happened, and people should know about this, It is not common that these sort of accidents occur, but we had a similar one where a leak in a Romanian aluminium mine let out tons of cyanide and killed the tisza river(it is doing well know) Maybe, once the problem with ignorant heavy industry, when Hungarian and foreign companies need to take responsibility for their actions, then maybe the media will not hear about similar stories.

  3. Oh goodnesss, that is terrible!

    I always feel like I’m in such a bubble in college and don’t get to hear of these things.

    I’m so sorry to hear about all this…this is terrible.

  4. Yes, it is terrible, we are still in the afterschock of this tragedy, the area is evacuated and have become a forbidden zone, although some people refuse to move, and they go back, trying to wash of the mud from their houses, which is almost impossible as the red pigment is eating itself into the fabric and discolors all surfaces.
    The dust is very toxic, so they have to keep the area moist, and they are working day and night to remove the layers of the mud.
    Thanks for reading it.

  5. Are there any organizations doing money/clothing/canned food collections for donation? Ideally really good nonprofits that give away at least 90% of donations……

  6. Hey.
    So we have collected a lot of money, it will be enough for a start, to build everyone a house at least, George Soros gave one million euro, so he helped out a great lot.
    There have been some occurance of fake organizations, giving out that they are from the government, sigh.
    I need to mention this organization, Noe animal shelter, that did an amazing job to rescue animals. they saved somewhat 700 cats and dogs or so.

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