I was not sitting at the exact place as the pic was taken, but further away,,  i think you can recognize the bits and pieces.



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  1. i find these pictures most disturbing

  2. After Firepower’s comment…which I confess I didn’t understand, seems to me like a nice, innocent painting…I submitted this painting to a little-known but sophisticated piece of software, developed at the University of Heidelberg and known as the Hamsterrad-Analysator fuer Frauenkunst. Even though the program runs on one of the fastest supercomputers in the world, it is still running after several minutes, which is very unusual. If it ever terminates, I’ll let you know what it says…

  3. The Hamsterrad-Analysator fuer Frauenkunst sounded like a snappy comment from firepower involving hamsters and frauen and analysis… 🙂
    Did it stop yet?…? Please let me know when it did, you know women and curiosity..
    I dont know why, but this painting takes me back to that day i made it (which was as much as a perfect day can be) and i smile everytime.

  4. My high-school German tells me that the name of the program is, more or less:

    “Hamster-wheel Analyzer for Art by Women”

    It is still running…the U-Heidelberg guys tell me that they have occasionally seen run times of up to an hour or so, but that this is unprecedented. They are also a little concerned, though, that an overtemperature alarm on their supercomputer has been flashing intermittently.

  5. hmmm the guys in the university of Heidelberg might end up saying this picture is highly disturbing. ( I hope i will not get a safty bill for their broken comp)

  6. btw, what are you seeing that i dont? I am very curious. After trying to look intensely at it with different perspective, i might have come up with one solution”,,,

  7. Well, the thing shut down with an overheat alarm. Three circuit boards had to be replaced, and they won’t run it again until they upgrade the cooling for their data center. I tried to find the software guys to ask them what this could mean, but they were out at the inn, drinking beer and singing songs from The Student Prince.

    Assume the “what are you seeing that I don’t” question was for Firepower not for me…I didn’t *really* see anything unusual in it, but recently ran across the German expression for “hamster wheel” and had to have some fun with it. Now I am curious, though, as to what the “one solution” might be…

    Seriously, it is very nice, and I think it’s great that you were able to capture the almost-perfect day as art. Thank you for sharing that.

  8. ok david, i was thinking that your referral to Hamstarrad frauen was having a hint to my pic as well, so i started to search paranoidly for something, like some huge fallos hidden in there hehe.

    I was living in Germany for a year as a kid, i forgot most of the language, but i understand it, especially when written.

    It wasnt almost, it was a perfect day 🙂

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