Sylvie Vartan


12 responses to “Sylvie Vartan

  1. this wideo makes me want to fight Prague Spring Communists
    in the streets in fashinably tight leather shorts
    thank you

  2. Those clothes are making it to the fashion runway in 3,2,1.

  3. well, guess you’ll just have to model a few of those outfits to give me the idea. you make Hungary sound like a wild B&D club

    u need a golden earring video

    this is what yankees think bulgaria/hungaria is like

  4. Why do you have a fetish comparing Bulgaria and Hungary, its like comparing Italy and America.
    I do fancy 80’s music, and i liked the clip as well.
    at least it beats looking at the people of walmart, thanks for sharing.

  5. hey, i love the WalMart – girls there treat me like god.

    was Vartan not hungarian? why is she singing french. le soldat oublie

  6. oh dear lord, she is half hungarian,, i always thought she was solid french, no wonder the clothes then,,

  7. yes, hungarian girls do dress provocatively. i bet you are fashionista

    • Well, i love clothes, but mostly it is just disorganized, rarely do i get everything to match, im not the type that was able to match the leather handbag with the nailpolish.

      Btw, you reminded me of this song with your above link!

  8. …and YOU scorn us yanks for thinking Hungaria is Hostel lol.

    you should eat big American girl tourists – not skinny hungarian girsl – more Csabai Kolbász per pound

    do you spend much for your clothes Collection?

  9. For being Firepower you know afwully lot about Hungarian cuisine, maybe you could recommend me where to go..

    I dont like expensive brands in clothes, i think that is for old people that are loosing their looks and wants to pamper themselves. I buy quantity and i buy quantity, mostly second hand and fair trade, the second hand stuff i remake at home, so it should be fashionable and awesome.

  10. i agree with you that fashion is used as artifice for the unworthy. you are so adorable its sick. if only you could cook

  11. hmm unworthy, i would rather say, those that are worthy just that. Beautiful a Louis Vitton bag is not but status symbol it is, let those walk around with it that then clearly misunderstood something, those that are rich and tasteless.

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