Budapest Jelen


9 responses to “Budapest Jelen

  1. Hey there! Awesome pictures. Place looks like it has a nice vibe. You should really think about turning professional….The third pic is my fave. Take more!!!

  2. Merci dream puppy 🙂
    Its one of my favourite bars in Budapest. In the third pic in the corner is a bartender, he has great game btw.

  3. i’d never expected girls to go for the hot bartender.

    this looks like MY kind of place. maybe its the ashtrays

  4. Crazy huh? I never expected it either..
    You can still smoke inside here, almost everybody does it.

  5. coffe and tobbacco simply go together – hot cups of espresso to sooth a maduro churchill cigar or bowl of latakia

  6. You seem to be enjoying life to the fully. I think you would like that bar.
    Here are 2 other places i think would be worth seeing if visiting BP.—Budapest-021242823710320

  7. There’s so many questions about your posts.

    “Where is this?”
    “What country is it in?”
    “What camera are you using?”
    “What type of wine is that?”

    I guess it’s a great way to make the most comments when you’re readers ask numerous questions….

  8. Ok 🙂
    1 and 2. It is in Budapest, Hungary, the place is called Jelen. I will try to find their website.
    3, Im having a sony dsc-h10, i can only say positive things about the little fellow, in fact, im in love with my camera..
    4. Well that night me and my friend drank 2 glasses of different wines, i think i started out with a Hilltop Villányi Portugieser, and then continued with a Bikavér for sure, both of them are dry and robust wines, maybe the Bikavér is a bit more Robust then the Hilltop.

  9. OoOoO sounds delish!

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