It is very hard for me to choose pictures, i took way too many pics.

This time i had my dog with me, isnt she a pretty lady.

She just gave me heart attack a only a few times, so im very pleased with her.

A lonely man in the sea.

This is my favorite beach, it is is located in Premantura in Istria, unfortunately i couldnt take a good picture on the cliffs as  it had turned into a nudist beach since i was there last time, and a happy nude German man was standing in all his glory on the cliff for ages, as if that wasn’t enough he screamed while he talked so he would eliminate the possibility for anyone not to notice him, he wouldn’t have needed to. It is the same beach as the one in the sunset i posted previously.

I have taken two pics from the net that shows Premantura also called Kamenjak a bit better.


3 responses to “Rovinj

  1. Your dog is an absolute beauty. What did she do to give you a heart attack?

  2. Thank you SD
    She has a bad habit of barking at other dogs if they come to close or approach her. The worst was when we turned around a corner and we stood face to face with a big doberman, the owner was nowhere, and they started to bark like crazy, i thought this was my last moment my dog is in one piece, and maybe me too, but the owner came after while and nothing really happened. phew 🙂

  3. Well, I’m glad you both survived, and that I got to see that lovely picture of her.

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