11 responses to “Various

  1. you did this?

  2. The expression is very good!!! You captured the feeling very well. Is this a friend of an art model?

    • Thank you puppy.
      Im quite happy with this drawing, some things could have been done better of course…
      The model is a girl that is going to artschool but had nothing to do that day so she stood model for us.

  3. fine, dont answer my email then
    i am so done with you

  4. 😦
    Sorry fire i didnt check my mail, but i sent a reply now.

  5. the differences in the pictures is very intersting

  6. You mean the watercolor and this one? This is what i usually prefer. Watercolor is a new ting that i love, but i haven’t found the right expression in it quite yet.

  7. there is lots of depression in the drawing.

  8. oh I am so in love, and it’s only been 12 seconds of visiting your site 🙂


  9. Thank you visiting and im glad you like it 🙂

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