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15 responses to “Istria

  1. ahw thank you dream puppy, i want to work on the other pics before i put them on the blog, but i couldn’t help myself and had to upload a few 🙂

  2. Ah more pics! The first one is my favorite. How do you manage to not have the image distorted with the sun? May I ask what camera you use?

    • I use a sony dsc-h10, gotta say i love it, it is a pure joy to work with it, never fails to do a good pic, although it is not a proffesional one. As i fancy Sony i want to by a sony alpha nex its a pro camera but have new technique they say would be equally good as the traditional cameras in the same category. My friend have a nikon d90 and that one is a very good camera, but expensive.
      Wholeheartedly i recommend my sony dsc-h10,

  3. Excellent! Thanks so much. I am in the market for a new camera.

  4. I have to echo Dream Puppy and say these are beautiful pictures. Did you take/paint them all? I think you’ve mentioned taking art classes before. Have you also studied photography?

  5. Thank you rebekah 🙂
    I never took photograpy studies, i didnt have enough good camera, i just love to take pictures. I did go to industrial design so my i am pretty good in that field, what i consider myself good in is sculpturing though i havent done it for years. I will do post wit old works when i have time, also, most of my works got destroyed by an accident.

  6. Is that you in the blue dress, in the above photograph walking on the pier with your friend? Long hair really suits you.

    whenever I think of europe I think of people who have more time off work and more leisure time, longer vacations. we even had visitors recently from france and they said university was free there, no tuition.

    what about hungary? it’s a rich country, yes? do you have medical insurance for all citizens? do you pay money to go to university? what about vacations, are they generous? also, if you want, can you travel anywhere in EU and live and work, so if you want to move to Ireland, you can? wow, I think that is a lot of freedom.

    whrere is Rovinj?

  7. Hey Tim.
    Yes it is me in the blue dress, well spotted.
    There is a lot of leisure here but also hard work, its a combo, where you can enjoy life and enjoy work, at least i do.
    Hungary has a low income, its not poor but it is not rich either, we do pay an obligatory insurance for health care and the fees for the university is complicated, its basically free but you need to pay back an amount when you finish and you need to sign a contract when you start a job after your studies that you will not become pregnant or go abroad for 9 years, its absurd but they are changing it right know. A lot of Hungarians needed to move abroad, because the salary didn’t cover the costs of the payback fee, especially if you choose a field that don’t pay much. Many of my teachers asked me about Sweden, and then went there. Its very sad, i hope the new government will make it able for me to build my life here.
    Rovinj is in Croatia and its a 2000 year old city, i would be in Nirvana if i one day could move there and swim in the Adriatic sea everyday.
    Also im not to sure about the vacations, i worked part time at a soft ware company not related to my studies but they had 21 days of vacation. Much? Little? i am not sure.

  8. where are the beaches?

  9. Nestorius you are right, i will put up some pics.

  10. I have to know where this is!

    It looks like those houses are floating on water. Is this Venice? I could just imagine sleeping on a small boat while the sun sets. yummy 🙂

  11. This is Rovinj, located in Istria in Croatia, it is about 100 km from Venice, and a much smaller city, but also a lot nicer for me at least, the whole Croatian coast is full of beautiful cities, perhaps even more breathtaking then Rovinj, (still my favourite). Worth mentioning is Split Trogir Dubrovnik, Porec, Medulin, i could go on.

  12. Once I figure out where I’m going in the world, I’ll definitely make plans to go to little adorable towns off in Europe. I like the overall classy/homeliness of small towns altogether. It’s just more freedom less excitement type of thing. It’s home basically.

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