Adria in my heart

I was practicing how to paint water before leaving to Croatia as i don’t want to sit there and feel frustrated,  need to work on how to do the trees. I was never good with colors or landscape,  but  my akvarell bag is ready, and so am i.

This beautiful bridge, is located around 40 km from the Adriatic see, in Bosnia. The village is called Mostar. The bridge was standing for 500 years, connecting the city and its 2 main religions, orthodox and muslim.  It was a town that symbolized peace,  it didn’t withstand last century, as war broke out.


16 responses to “Adria in my heart

  1. You painted the above? Wow!!! The other Ukranian (that’s where you’re from right?) I know (also pretty face and brown hair) also paints beautifully. I can’t help but make a stereotype that all Ukranians are great painters now.
    What medium do you work with? Do you paint professionally?

    • Thank you Dream puppy, yes i painted it this weekend. I went to industrial design for 2 years, but changed direction, sculpturing was my favorite, or just simply drawing models i loved. I usually work with charcoal, pitt, pencil, black ink or pens, but i have bought myself some akvarell and some nice brushes, mmm.
      Im not from Ukraine, but a weird mix, i am half Serbian half Hungarian born in Sweden, my Serbian side is further divided into half Monte Negro and half Dalmatian, so not really any Serbian in me, but my grandparents moved to Serbia. Its complicated 🙂
      Ps, did the comment section get solved at yours? Or is it sth wrong at mine?

  2. Hi Bictopia. I think my comment section is ok now.

    You are a Heinz 57 mix! Me too. I am also Slav from my father’s side, further split into half Serb and half Croat. Maternal half of family tree is proudly Italian and Spanish…except for the couple of Moroccans that climbed up the tree trunk!! HAHA! Great grandpa = darkness. 😀

  3. Hahaha, like me then, with Croat and Serbian half, are you also the mediterranian type looking? And wow, almost all your ancestors lived in a country close to the Adriatic see, ever been?

  4. Hmmm. Now my post here wouldn’t post!!! I don’t think our blogs like each other.

    I am Mediterrenean looking, but not as much as my mother’s side of the family. I tried to link to a pic but couldn’t. If you go to a post on “Brain Cancer” I have from June there is a pic of me and my family. You can see who is obviously the half Slav, haha.

  5. Dang, now i cannot comment on yours,
    what i want to say first is that i hope your grandma is fine, my grandma is also very sick, but we are there for her, and it looks like your grandma is not alone at all, god bless that, she is surrounded with love. its a somewhat Mediterrenean thing to do, to have the family close.
    Is Dream Puppy the bit paler girl in gray sitting on the right side of grandma?
    (or the one closest to grandmas on left side?)
    (argh, this was hard)

  6. The pale one 😀 you’re so kind to say “bit” paler 😉

    Thank you for your kind words!

  7. You’re too nice 🙂 thanks! Good luck in Croatia!

  8. Beautiful painting! You’re very talented.

  9. For some reason you got caught in spam, but I released you!

    I hope you’ll be sharing some more of your work and creativity at some point here on you blog — I also really like the piece on your About page.

  10. Very nice work.

    In case you haven’t seen it, here’s an interesting 360 degree panoramic photo of Budapest:

  11. Wow you’re a great artist!

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