English site.

For those who speaks Swedish and those who like photography.

Hungarian site.

God knows why but this is one of the places i would love to visit one day.  It intrigues me more then anything.  Sleepless nights i scroll google earth for Pripyat.


20 responses to “Tjernobyl

  1. So it’s an abandoned city? How fascinating. There’s something about towns staying the same that seem lie to us and make us feel we haven’t changed — that we’er not any older, and the past isn’t that far away. I used to drive by the house I grew up in and park across the street and just stare at it. The above pictures are a more accurate presentation of what it really happening to everything, and feel very authentic and real.

    Thanks for sharing this! I’d never heard of this city before and feel like I’ve learned something — now I’m fascinated!

    • Im glad this link meant something for you and you got inspired, i recommend to Google earth Pripyat, i will upload more English pages as well. This city and its faith stuck so much with me as well, for reasons as you mention.

  2. I’m looking forward to what I’ll see around this city. BTW, if that is you on your “About” page, your are very pretty! You look like a race car driver — a very feminine one. 🙂

    ED: Thank you. I would be a bad race car driver. Im too much of a chicken for it, i get a panick attack when someone drives “sporty”.
    I can see you have your own blog now or you made it visible, i will check it out, and good luck with it.

  3. Is your name Victoria in english? What do you think of the EU? Are you happy to be a part of it, your political system is ok now?

  4. Hey Tim, Yes it is.
    I think EU is good, i like the base principle ( sprung out of the steel and carbon union)
    To be a part of EU, have not changed much on everyday scale, neither in Sweden or Hungary, it runs very quietly in the background.
    Of course there are always problems even in the best of intentions. For me, mostly the faire trade should be important for EU, also encourage locally produced products on markets, encourage small firms and factories, it is hard to compete with the multis. Note worthy could be that the refugee problem is not solved, i think it is is inhumane in a lot of cases. Also, it can be quite a vehement operation as it is so big as well, but the base principle is honorable and it functioned well. (knock on wood)

  5. The city of Victoria is across the water from me, and it is the capital of British Columbia, which is a province in Canada. It also borders the pacific ocean. You have a nice name. Also, this picture of you, your icon, is very good. I like it because you leave something for the imagination. So many women today do not let a man guess, they reveal everything. Your facial expression is neutral, which allows me to wonder what is on your mind. You look poised and calm, a posture not many women are capable of. Your hair is long and natural looking, and makes me wonder further if there is something different about European ways. You look sexy, classy and intelligent, which is remarkable. For me personally, and I don’t know about other men, but when I see a woman’s blog and she has put pictures of herself half-naked and covered in a pound of make-up, I am instantly turned off and repulsed. Maybe you can tell me sometimes if I have questions about Budapest, Hungary or Europe. I’ll be happy to answer any questions you have of the USA or Canada.

    Here’s a picture of one of my favorite spots to go hiking:

    Good luck to you and all the best!

    • Hey Tim, i would be glad to reply on any question you have, i hope i can answer them.
      Thank you for your words.
      The pic you sent is very beautiful, it reminds me a bit of pictures that my friend did while she was in Seattle and then visited the coast around Vancouver Island, but still in US. I guess Brittish Colombia have similar coast? Did you make that pic?

  6. I saw a documentary by the Vanguard people on Chernobyl and it seems very dangerous to go. Apparently the forest is the riskiest part. Those pictures are very beautiful though.

    You might like this article for places to go- it is about modem abandoned cities. I’m partial to Hashima, Japan.

  7. Hey Dream Puppy.
    Thanks for the link.
    I looked into Hashima, i heard about but not much and i didnt know why it was abandoned.

    About Tjernobyl.
    Its not the most safe to go there, especially the red forest and the old Tivoli. One should have a geiger muller counter in handy and not go without it. The asfalt is quite cleen but the grass and vegetation is not. There is a risk to go there, espeically when no one is quite sure where the radiactive material was buried, the red forest was used among others. Hopefully with precise planning and respect for the hazards one can eliminate the risks to minimal, also Tjernobyl is relatively close to where i live, one night with the train, or an hour flight to Kiev.

  8. I visited Chernobyl and Pripyat’ years ago, when I lived in Kiev. Knew all the people involved with operating and preparing to close it at that time. Fascinating place. A little scary and creepy, but the experts say that a day visit only gave (at least at that time) a very minor dose.

  9. Oh no, that pic I simply pulled from the internet. It’s true that the topography of the western USA and Canada are very similar. I have been to Seattle and points south many times; it is very easy to travel back and forth between the two countries. In fact, it is legal to live for six months each year in the USA or Mexico, without a visa. All one needs is simple ID, like a driver’s license.

    People where I live are very keen on the healthy lifestyle, eating properly and exercise, which is why I showed you that pic. What we do not have is your history, which goes back hundreds or even a thousand years. I would like to travel Europe one day just to see such old buildings and monuments. The oldest building you will find in Vancouver is perhaps 150 years old.

    I was in Illichivsk once, a small town close to Odessa, just briefly for a turnaround at work. I remember seeing a giant statue of Vladimir Lenin. I would have liked to see more and go to Odessa but I was unable.

    Do you vote for a member of the european parliament? I read once that most europeans do not know or care who their MEP is, that it is not that important.

  10. Hey Tim.
    I am also trying to live healthy, i bike everwhere, which im not sure is to healthy here in Budapest, as there are no bikeroads here, so it is dangerous. I always buy at the farmer market and seasonal, im reading everything on the packages. I also swim and do horseriding, which i have done since i was a kid, im pretty healthy living considering i have had to be in bed for some weeks know, but im fine and will go to Croatia and Pula, a 3000 year old city next to the Adriatic see, im very excited about the trip!
    Odessa is famous for beautiful, but also semi-prostitute women, I had a friend trying to explain to me that it is not such a bid deal for russian women, i find it hard, growing up in sweden, to understand that.

    We vote for Members for the European parliament, it is not as popular to go voting for it as the National elections.

  11. from those pix, if you LIKE Chernobyl,
    you’d love Detroit.
    plus, no irradiating your eggz

    • I like Detroit, 2-3 years ago one of my best friends, Canadian and me were talking about Detroit, i didn’t realize what a destiny the town did encounter, so he showed me pics, and i continued from there. For me, if i close my eyes, i see a very cool 70’s Detroit, i always liked that city, how sad it started decaying so badly.

  12. those 70s memories sound nice. i’ll send you an email so you can tell me them

  13. Fire
    Im not sure which film or tv-show it was that made it, i was never into Dallas, i think it was one similar to streets of San Fransisco but in Detroit, btw where are you from?

  14. where is your private contact email for this blog – I prefer my future salacious smutty emails not be made public

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