To Anton.  I asked my friend Gabi for advice, she is a great chef of Hungarian cuisine.


Half a kg flour,  (kilogram (1000) 2.2046 lbs. (35.27 oz.)  2 eggs, pinch of salt, and add as much water so the dough gets right consistency, the right consistency is when it is looser then bread dough but far not as loose as pancake cream. You would need a szaggato, it is a special tool for making the nokedli, but anything similar can be used.  Its a sieve with big holes that you can push the dough through, you can even do it with  knife and a cutting board if you don’t have the right tool,  make pieces, 1X2-3 cm ones which should fall into hot boiling water, season the water with salt.

Eventually when you are finished with the nokedli its ready to eat, but if you add some eggs to the nokedli and fry it in pan so its gets crusty is mmmm 🙂

If there is anything else,  let me know.

Added yes, to your question, when they swim on the surface, catch them 🙂

serve with paprikas chicken and sour cream, yumm!


8 responses to “Nokedli

  1. you never have really made this irl, have you lol

  2. I did (blush) i told i was going to make it so…

  3. Excellent, will let you know how they turn out for me…

  4. i like girls who can make pierogi. so how did your first experiment with cooking turn out

  5. Im a lazy perfectionist, when i cook i do it really good, and im making the best apple pie in the world! Its no overstatement.

  6. there are worse things than a slice of hot pie
    maybe that wont translate well into Croat

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