Who is this?

My friend Agi was at a beach in LA some week ago, and she saw this guy posing in front of some photographers,  he also had a bodyguard, she asked me if i knew who it is but i have no clue. Maybe someone from the States recognize him, maybe its Eric Dane before photoshop..


11 responses to “Who is this?

  1. this creeps me out. abidingly. please remove

  2. As someone said, Middle life crisis is a freaky thing…
    is it really very creepy?

  3. he looks like a marooned deckhand foraging for Grecian Formula and hgh. are you always so cruel to men

    • ha!
      You just gave me some homework, but after some in depth research i came up with this:
      Maroon: To put ashore on a deserted island or coast and intentionally abandon.
      Deckhand:A member of a ship’s crew whose duties include maintenance of hull, decks, and superstructure; mooring, and cargo handling.
      Foraging: The act of searching for food and provisions.
      Grecian: A native or inhabitant of Greece.

      Are you always this cruel to men?
      this was actually funny, sorry hehehe.

  4. haha – its kinda cool how you want to learn more english. i always wanted to learn German.

    every time you use the word “forage” you shall think of me.
    btw, you didn’t get my reference to hgh

  5. hgh, Growth hormone? I am unused to hear it outside medschool, thought it was some urban dictionary slang..
    Forage: To make a thorough search of: comb, ransack, rummage. Slang shake down. Idioms: beat the bushes, leave no stone unturned, looksearchhigh and low, looksearchup and down, turn inside out, turn upside down. See investigate..
    And btw, you don’t happen to know who the marooned deckhand is?

  6. Looks a little like Billy-Bob Thornton.

  7. ?


    lmk if you still want to know the answer

  9. Well of course i do!!

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