Its friday

What are you thinking at the present time? What are your thoughts? Where does your mind fly when you close your books or go home from work?

Dreaming of a chocolate cake? Or being on a beach in Bahamas?


10 responses to “Its friday

  1. it depends on where you live. what would you think if you live on the beaches of Bahamas? to be on the beaches of the Maldives?

  2. For sure it depends, which one would you prefer? i have not been at neither of them. My thoughts fly away to the Adriatic sea, me living in a dusty Budapest with a polluted Danube river, i would gladly imagine me ordering the colorful cocktail with an umbrella and some cherries attached to its rim and with palm trees in the horizon of a beautiful friday sunset, going night swimming after midnight.

  3. bicky
    you are the eastern european anouk
    – except you know the borscht

  4. Fire, where did your gravatar go? and yes i can make hell of a borscht.

  5. Here are some locations close to you: Venice, Spoleto, Zara, Ragusa. My town is on the Mediterranean, but I still want to get a feeling of beaches with palm trees and coral reefs as in the Maldives.

  6. Nestorius,
    I will travel to Pula and Rijeka at the end of August, i am in love with the Croatian Coast, Dubrovnik, Trogir, Split but also the whole Adria to, for me Adria is exotic with its palm trees and funny looking fishes i can imagine for you it is not so exotic anymore as it is for me as you live there, but im sure/Imagine/project that your everydays are cool.

  7. borscht good
    but id like to sample
    your kreplach

  8. as long as the dish is HOT and leaves before 4am, i’ll do it

    i LIKE LOTS of butter

  9. The dish is superhot but regarded as slow food, the opposite of fast food you know. Like french cuisine.

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