As i have been strictly ordered to stay in bed for ten days, i will be more active on the net, bored until boredom i have nothing else to do, and im prescribed Tramadol which makes me so weird,,, and it makes me say weird things.  This is annoying me, it’s summer and i want to play, i just have to be patient and wait few more days.


4 responses to “Bored

  1. what is the matter with you?

    are you going to make it?

  2. I am, its nothing serious at all, i had an laparoscopic operation and they removed a dermoid cyst from my ovary large as a mandarin, needed to be done, i have postponed this surgery for years, i was not that keen (superscared) of being operated.

  3. Sounds serious. Glad you survived. Try to enjoy the down time

  4. At least i have the perfect opportunity to rest and gain as low stress/cortisol levels like a Buddhist.

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