“He writes to Vega:

You may disagree, but I have a prediction to make: even before you drift into the indifference of old age, you will come to bless this day, the day you did not commit yourself to share my life … Now that I am going away … I can tell you quite frankly: even when we were having the most intellectual conversations and I honestly thought and believed everything I said, I still wanted all the time, all the time, to pick you up and kiss you on the lips. So try to work that out. And now, without your permission, I kiss them. ”


5 responses to “Solzhenitsyn

  1. I need a bodyshot to make any kind of official rating, but I can see that you have a pretty face and very nice color. Preliminary estimate is that you are 6 or higher (5 being the cutoff between bangable/untouchable). I imagine you usually have at least one admirer in any given social group where you are member (work, friends, etc). Very good chance that you will reproduce, if you haven’t already.

  2. Hey Sidewinder.
    Well thank you! I actually got a bit stage fright and removed it tough.. my body you can see in the painting under the magpie post.

  3. Illustrations don’t count. Your icon pic looks good. You should put a bigger one up, along with a swimsuit pic

  4. Hey Sidewinder.
    hehe, a well, no bikini shot here, but that illustration is accurate, im skinny having a bmi of 19 sth, i actually gained weight the last year to 21 but lost it just recently thank good.

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