What are you thinking about?

This is  me. Eszter made this one,  i think the face is a mix between mine and her’s,

Some years ago, I was living in a dorm for an art high school. I wasn’t attending that high school but i was a student in the University of industrial design. I lived there because the dorm was very close to my school, it was a great villa in a beautiful area, it was a girls collegium.

One day a very nice, beautiful and talented girl  called Eszter wanted to take some pics of me to make paintings  she could use for her entrance exams to the royal academy of art, i replied of course. A friend of her came over and took some pics, nothing dramatic, it took 15 minutes,  and i forgot about the whole thing until around 3 years later.  Several of my friends that attended the annual exhibition of the royal academy of art that year,  asked if i have been a model for a painting that was now exhibited and they tried explain how it looked like, i sad no, i am very positive it is not me. Sometimes i stand model for my artsy friends but i had forgotten about the pics Eszter had taken and they never crossed my mind.

One day some months later i am home at my  friend Monika, she is a paint restaurator and has loads of funny stuff in her apartment,  i was scrolling pics from the art exhibition on her computer and all the suddenly this pic of a painting of me comes up and in that moment i felt i was blushing and having a minor heat stroke.  I made a fast twitch with my head to look around in the apartment, as if i had been caught for doing something inappropriate,   and then back again at the picture, wow!

So even tough it is a painting, my friends recognized me. I think this will hold a strong substitute instead of a photo.


10 responses to “What are you thinking about?

  1. I can see your underwear

  2. That is observant of you.

  3. Underwear? It would appear that you are not wearing any panties at all. And your clean shaven. I prefer at least a little bit of a bush of a girl (and a full one is even better) but your hot enough in this photo for me to overlook your transgressions in this most important area.

  4. Fyi, that is underwear, for the rest of the question that is for me to know and you to wonder.

  5. As a focal point the panty shot is an eye magnet and may overwhelm the rest of the picture. It is intriguing and intellectually arousing though.

  6. Hey Sharpcool,
    I agree with that, for me i do like the feeling this painting gives, made by a very talented girl, i do like the sexuality in it, at the same time it also leaves space for the imagination.

  7. Yes enough about panties. The painting is very nice, especially that chair in the back, the folds in the cloth are well done. And you look lovely.

  8. here in America, the oft fantasized high schoolgirl outfit is a plaid skirt, blazer and pigtails. still, i kinda dig that eastern european Disko 1977 strappies and tubetop

  9. This pic is not made for hitting mainstream points. Some people just dont get it no matter how much one tries to explain, i dont understand why Roissy bothers still, if they didn’t get it until then, they will never..

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