I took this picture yesterday from my friend Gabi’s kitchen window  with a Sony DSC-H10, a cheap pocket digital camera with big lens, , i was surpized i actually managed to see the contours of a “crater” on the moon, can you see it?


11 responses to “Testing

  1. Nice pic! Basic digital cameras really are amazing now. I’m not a photography expert, but one tip I read that helps a great deal is to not be afraid to lower the resolution when shooting in lower light conditions. Manufacturers keep splitting the same size optical chip into more and more pixels because mega-pixels sells cameras. This means less light for each pixel, which can give you graininess in low light. Ironically you can actually get better resolution at times using a lower mega-pixel setting.

  2. Hey Dalrock.
    im not to informed about digital cams either, its a cheap one around 200 bucks. Its an 8.1 megapixel camera, i dont think it is considered good camera, i do believe it does make excellence for its price, i love it, and i was really surprized to see a rough border on the moon, never tought it could capture things like this. when i have more money i will buy a more pro camera, if you or anyone have any suggestion which one to buy im all ears. It should be easy to use and capture the moment easily,, its enough if it can capture a pic with good quality of what i direct it to without to much fuss.

  3. You should be able to lower the resolution on the camera you currently have. In a lower light situation, try taking the same pic first at full res (8.1 MP) and then take the same pic at lower res (maybe 4 MP). It really depends on the situation but sometimes the lower res pic comes out much better. Even a 4 MP pic has a great deal of resolution. Just something to try some time.

  4. Oki, i had a 2,1 megapixel Nikon camera making great daytime pics, it was destroyed by an accident, but it was the first digitals ever and it made great pics, so im not to scared of low megapixels, i will try lowerong the sensitivity. Thank you for the advice.

  5. Obstinance Works

    Damn good picture. Digital? Wow.

  6. Spectacular! I love pictures of the moon. Where was this taken, my I ask? Are you in the US?

  7. Hey thank you! Its taken in Hungary, where i live, i didnt use any phoptoshop on this. Quite awesome to see the rough contour of the moon.

  8. This is one thing I love about blogs — meeting people from all over the world! Such a special photo.

  9. Thank you Rebekah, sorry for late reply, im not to god at this, are you from the states?

  10. Yes, I’m from the states. Nice to meet someone from Hungary! Looking forward to future posts here.

  11. Well, we will see if i can come up with anything 😮 , but thanks for passing by.

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